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Taichia DAO

Reg. Date: 2022-08-07

DAO Puzzle Hash (ID): f34599...cfffda
DAO Public Key: a3e7f7...cdb30d

Governance Token

Taichia (TICA)

Token Asset ID: 895d30...d236e1

Total Supply: 700,000,000 TICA

Circulating Supply: 100,000,000 TICA

Price: $ 0.01 / MarketCap: $ 7,000,000

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Permission Configs
Latest Coin ID: ddb7c1...dce121
Vote Required Token: 10,000,000 TICA
Vote Required Days: 1 Day
Metadata Required Token: 10,000,000 TICA
Payroll Required Token: 10,000,000 TICA


Pay DAO contributors


Pay stakeholders


Teams in the DAO

Finance (Soon!)

Finance report of the DAO


Manage metadata sets


To Provide Feedback


To Make Decisions


Manage stakeholders


What is Taichia

Taichia is the first DAO as a Service platform on the Chia blockchain. It provides various services for DAO builders and communities to build and manage their DAO more autonomously and more easily. It is designed and developed on a new concept called vote-oriented. None of the services provided by the Taichia is centralized or "local". They are all auditable and protected by on-chain programs.

In short, it likes the Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the Web3 world.

Our missions

  • Simplify the process of building a DAO and remove technical barriers
  • Reduce the operating cost of DAOs
  • Provide additional security protection to DAOs
  • Empower DAOs to build real autonomous business logic and workflow


This DAO is managed by the Taichia team. Taichia team is in charge of DAO development and operation. Anyone who has TICA (Taichia governance token) will be regarded as a Taichia stakeholder. DAO stakeholders who have enough TICA can raise proposals and have additional permissions.


  • Taichia customers need to pay XCH for using various Taichia DAO services.
  • DAO or donation project needs to pay XCH for promotion.
  • Taichia will repurchase TICA if the asking price is lower than a certain level. The repurchased TICA will be released to the public market again through the swap pool at a higher price.

Income Transparency

Anyone can check the income of Taichia services. Different services will have different addresses. Please check the Service Metadata on the DAO home page.

Fund & Income Usage

  • Salary for Taichia team including managers and developers
  • Bill of the services and hosts
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Stakeholder dividend


You are able to see the latest governance token (TICA) information on the DAO home page. The maximum supply is 700 million TICA. The initial supply will be 100 million TICA. The rest 600 million TICA will be locked in a custody address. It can be unlocked only for fundraising purposes.

  • Locked Token Address: xch1ej47zdtuapk2cl5dg74wp70z9wj6h356tvlszt4l3w0qjqe5sd4q2ac480

TICA Distribution Preview

Here is an example of how TICA is distributed in different rounds. Only shares released through the donation project are undiluted. Assume Taichia will unlock 20 million TICA in the next round, and all donors will receive 20% more TICA. | | Initial Stakeholders | Seed Round (Mock) | |--|--|--| | Donation Project | 5M TICA (5%)| 6M TICA (5%) | | Taichia Team* | 80M TICA (80%)| 80M TICA (66.66%) | | ESOP | 15M TICA (15%)| 15M TICA (12.50%) | | Investor A| | 15M TICA (12.50%) | | Investor B| | 4M TICA (3.33%) |

*The TICA allocated to the Taichia team will be gradually unlocked in 3.5 years.

Stakeholder Rights

XCH Dividend

Stakeholders will receive dividends based on the TICA they hold. Every 1/2/4 weeks (subject to change), Taichia team will announce a dividend date and how many XCH stakeholders will receive for every 1000 TICA. Eligible stakeholders are determined by a snapshot of the dividend date. Stakeholders need to register their staking address on the Taichia platform.

For example, one stakeholder bought 2200 TICA on DEX before the deadline and saved them in one address. If Taichia announced the dividend is 0.01 XCH/1000 TICA, then this stakeholder will receive 0.02 XCH. If TICA was split into 500 / 1700 and saved in different addresses then this stakeholder will only receive 0.01 XCH.


Stakeholders can vote for proposals as long as they have TICA. The more TICA they have, the more weight on their votes. Stakeholder who has enough TICA can come up with new proposals.

Management Permission

Stakeholder who owns enough TICA can unlock more permissions and attend the Taichia team meeting.


Stakeholders can trade TICA on DEX without any limitation.

Join Us

We are hiring developers for backend, frontend, and Chialisp development. Please join our Discord